my very first post

So here I go! My very first post! I know it's very late, but I just couldn't wait to get started. First I wanted to explain why I chose the name "Cute Gleanings" for this blog. I started looking for words related to "embroidery" (which happens to be my latest hobby) and came up with a bunch of words that are pretty common, so I moved on. Luckily for me "gleanings" was the word of the day, and it sounded just right, scratch that... just PERFECT. This curious little word means "things (ideas, information, etc.) that have been collected bit by bit". So there it was, the perfect way to describe what this blog is all about. I really wish for this blog to be my journal, my personal space to gather my embroidery and creative projects, my thoughts, my ideas and my creativity. So fingers crossed and see you soon!

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