Pacifier clips

This pacifier clips were made for Isabella too as a present for her Shower. As a template I used my own handmade drawings and transferred them onto the felt. Once I had my 5 seasons' characters (Valentine's, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas) all sewn in felt, I pasted a small clothespin and a ribbon with a clip-on button on the back of each one using hot silicon. This button will help you attach the pacifier in a quick and easy way. So there it is, a very original present for a very special person. 

Baby Shower Banner

I made this banner for my goddaughter's shower and I love it! I used a onesie template I found on the web and printed out her name in a big font size. It's all made out of felt and hand-sewn. 
I hung it like a clothes line for the shower which turned out looking so nice, the banner will be decorating her room as well! 

This picture shows how the banner was made, but it's not the final banner. I have to look for the picture that shows the finished product so I can share it. I've been also playing with the idea of making one banner like this for Christmas! Imagine Christmas trees, bells, presents, etc., instead of the onesies with a "Merry Christmas!" label. I think it would look amazing! 


Aromatherapy pillow

Owls, owls and more owls! 

As you can see I was pulled into the "love owls" stream, and decided to make an aromatherapy pillow for headaches, cramps, etc. I looked for owls all over the web and made them out of felt. Some blogs offer free patterns for the owls, and some don't. If you find one that you love that doesn't have a pattern, don't worry, just go back to basics, and copy it from your screen with pencil and paper. 
Once you have all of your felt owls, choose a fabric that will hold rice, lentil or beans, and that will stand some heat from the microwave. Sew your owls onto the fabric and then sew the fabric together to make a small pillow (leave a small opening). Fill your pillow with the grain you chose and remember to add three bags of your favorite tee to add scent. Finish sewing your opening and you are DONE. Just place your aromatherapy pillow in the microwave to make it warm (just for 30 seconds or less) and let the healing begin! 


Thanksgiving card

This card is very simple to make, but is very special because it includes hand prints. There is nothing more unique than that! I made this card with my preschool students and thought of sharing it.


I've been really busy trying to make my blog look cute and decent, and this is what I came up with. I am pretty satisfied with the outcome and excited to welcome my blogging days. 

Before I begin looking for inspiration for my next embroidery project, I would like to post my most recent creations because I'm really proud of them. I just need to take some pictures and ask Mr. Google how to upload and share them. In the mean time I hope to have a great January and if not possible, just a great week...


my very first post

So here I go! My very first post! I know it's very late, but I just couldn't wait to get started. First I wanted to explain why I chose the name "Cute Gleanings" for this blog. I started looking for words related to "embroidery" (which happens to be my latest hobby) and came up with a bunch of words that are pretty common, so I moved on. Luckily for me "gleanings" was the word of the day, and it sounded just right, scratch that... just PERFECT. This curious little word means "things (ideas, information, etc.) that have been collected bit by bit". So there it was, the perfect way to describe what this blog is all about. I really wish for this blog to be my journal, my personal space to gather my embroidery and creative projects, my thoughts, my ideas and my creativity. So fingers crossed and see you soon!