Aromatherapy pillow

Owls, owls and more owls! 

As you can see I was pulled into the "love owls" stream, and decided to make an aromatherapy pillow for headaches, cramps, etc. I looked for owls all over the web and made them out of felt. Some blogs offer free patterns for the owls, and some don't. If you find one that you love that doesn't have a pattern, don't worry, just go back to basics, and copy it from your screen with pencil and paper. 
Once you have all of your felt owls, choose a fabric that will hold rice, lentil or beans, and that will stand some heat from the microwave. Sew your owls onto the fabric and then sew the fabric together to make a small pillow (leave a small opening). Fill your pillow with the grain you chose and remember to add three bags of your favorite tee to add scent. Finish sewing your opening and you are DONE. Just place your aromatherapy pillow in the microwave to make it warm (just for 30 seconds or less) and let the healing begin! 

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